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Jan 19, 2004
just to some friends..

this entry is jus sayin some stuff to my grls & guyss!

-*((sometimez)) wen life gets to seriouse.. you need those grls u could always be stupid wit!*-

i love youu grlsssssss! * my seveys!: carissa,kylie,ash,hannah,jena,brit,chelsea,chelsie,kayla,
heather,casey,cassie,meg,lauren,lauren, and missy
my budds up in fitch!: meg*danielle*ashley*chelsea*
my young'ns: raquel & chlo!

- infronta a gun is where id be if it were pointin at *U* id point it towards *ME*!

i love you guys! *

all youus!:sami,jon,mike,josh,jake,kyle,jimmy,kenny,robby,jordan,
tommy, stip,tim, and ron

Posted at 06:10 pm by cutelilkayy
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hello i guess.. well ive had a pretty boring day so far but its all good..
i woke up this morning to an alarm clock on my moms tv..mad bc i was in the middle of a very GREAT dream =) anyways.. came downstairs hopped online to talk to sami and raquel then tried to get people to go to the movies but noone was allowed so i took a shower and got ready for the day/// so then i called faith and she said that she'd go to a movie w/ me soo kyle, john, and jimmy went to see torque while i went to see along came polly w/ faith (had to - wanted to see torque tho >:O) played some games at the movies..HYDRO THUNDER! wont 1st pplace 3 times and 3 twice....on our way home from the movies we went to game crazy ;) .. got home.. me and ky had a mini snowball fight.. came back online and talking to stip, carissa, and sami! :) and now im goingg!

*there carissa! i made my blog =)*

 - psh, i know my blogs dumb i had nuthing else to put! -

Posted at 05:24 pm by cutelilkayy
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